About the Practitioner


Meredith Brna is a licensed massage body therapist and certified energy healer whose goal is to facilitate healing throughout her community.

Meredith’s massage career began in 2011 upon completion of her massage program at the United Education Institute in San Diego, CA. Since then Meredith has become a nationally certified massage therapist and is licensed to practice massage in California and Florida, as well as North Carolina. Meredith has also earned additional certification in Reflexology in 2012 and Oncology Massage (which included lymphatic drainage massage) in 2016. Meredith has worked steadily full-time as a massage therapist with chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists as well as for professional athletes, medical spas, health clinics, non-profit organizations, hospice companies, community fairs, and wellness centers. This has provided her with a wide range of exposure from Eastern and Western medicine to med-spa techniques.

Meredith believes in the importance of the connection between the physical body and the spiritual body and strives to assist in healing wherever it is needed. As a result, Meredith also believes that each massage should be customized according to a person’s specific need and often incorporates energy healing techniques into the massage as well. This helps encourage relaxation of the mind as well as the body. Her work focuses on using technical knowledge of the muscles and their functions as well as intuition in order to provide relaxation and relief. Her technique has often been described as “therapeutic and relaxing”, regardless of the amount of pressure applied.

Meredith’s career as an energy healer began in 2012 with the completion of her Reiki 1 certification in Jacksonville, Fl. Since 2012, Meredith has earned her Reiki 2 and 3 (Master) certification as well as certification in Basic Pranic Healing. Meredith also recently completed training as Shamanic Healing practitioner through the the Shamanic Medicine Wheel Program in June 2016 and is certified in Illumination energy healing, energetic cord cutting, soul retrieval, and  space clearing.

Meredith is a dedicated wild plant enthusiast, hiker, rock climber, painter, and avid mediator who enjoys being outside whenever she can. Meredith is grateful to be among wonderful healers in an environment that facilitates holistic healing for everyone. She would be honored to work with you.