Welcome to Fingers of Light

Meredith Brna

I am so glad you decided to check out what Fingers of Light is all about! Usually the first question on your mind is why I decided to name my massage and energy healing business “Fingers of Light,” and the reason is simple … to spread light from my fingers to yours!

In our community we have so many loving people who work hard helping others. We have doctors, nurses, librarians, parents, teachers, and too many other kind people to name who often put their own health aside in order help others receive the care they need. While it is wonderful to continue to give, sometimes you need to receive too. This is why Fingers of Light is here to help.

With Fingers of Light, it’s all about you! You will always receive a high quality, satisfactory experience. Here are some reasons why you should book your next massage, reikissage, or Illumination with me:

    • Your appointment length is for the amount of time you scheduled. If you scheduled 90 minutes, then your treatment time will be exactly 90 minutes!
    • Hot towels and a heated blanket are provided for every massage. Free of charge!
    • Aromatherapy for every massage. Free of charge!
    • Water is always offered before and after every service.
    • A calm, cozy, and serene environment where you are not rushed.
    • Pain relief, increased range of motion, decreased stress, and most importantly, peace of mind.

Please make yourself at home and explore the site! If you have any questions about the services I offer, please feel free to call (252.230.9033) or e-mail.

Have a wonderful day!


Meredith Brna